ETTL or Manual

Flash choice

Ring flash is the best option, especially for beginners. It gives even consistent illumination. There are lots of options available of varying cost from about £75 upwards to the expensive Canon ring flash now selling at well over £500.
LED lights are not suitable as they will not give sufficient illumination to use the settings I suggest later in this article.
Be careful as some LED lights will be listed as a flash, when it is just the LEDs flashing. If you are not sure email me,, with a link to the product and I should be able to advise you.
When you really get into your photography and want to go to the next level then you might want to consider ‘twin flashes’, these are great for anterior shots but posterior shots can present a problem getting shadow free shots.
An important note, which will become clear when we get onto optimum settings, is that your flash should be used in ‘Manual’ mode.