Dental Photography in Practice

Dental Photography in Practice

10 weeks
All levels
6 lessons
1 quiz
0 students


  • DSLR dental kit see


  • 12 videos/ 15 data sheets/15 MCQs

Target audiences

  • All dental team members


The aim of the learning material content is to give learners an understanding of the value of Dental Photography in their Dental Practice and highlight the benefits. Learners will be given regarding the correct equipment selection for their needs.


To teach the basics of photography to aid learners in their use of photography in dental practice, to produce consistent quality images. Make photography attainable for the whole team.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Have a basic understanding of the key elements of the photographic process
  2. Have a good technique when taking clinical images, and the ability to assess the image and know how improve where necessary
  3. Have the knowledge to be able to encourage members of the team to contribute to photography in the surgery

Learning Content:

Uses of photography/Equipment choice/Photography basics/Equipment settings/Techniques for clinical photography/Troubleshooting

Hours of Learning:

  • Session 1: 15 minutes
  • Session 2: 30 minutes
  • Session 3: 30 minutes
  • Session 4: 60 minutes
  • Session 5: 60 minutes
  • Session 6: 60 minutes
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